My beautiful Aunt

There are so many memories, I could go on and on for pages. I’m sitting here wishing I could go down memory lane with you and that you weren’t taken from us but I know I can’t. These memories are embedded in my mind and I will never forget them…they have become so much more real to me over the last few weeks. I literally spent all my weekends as a child at your house. When your kids were out doing other things, I was your little side-kick (of course until Kris was born). I loved the weekends and spending time at your house and not just because there were all those kids on your block to play with but because what I had with you and Uncle Ed, Kevin, Kelly and Kris was one of the biggest things that made my childhood so special. As I sit here typing this I am able to picture being in your living room or in your kitchen on Prince Street or in the basement playing video games. I can hear your voice. And as I grew up and started driving on my own, I loved driving to you on the weekends just to sit in the kitchen and have a cup of tea with you. That got easier when you moved back to East Rockaway. Stopping over just for five minutes was so much more convenient.

You were there for every aspect of my life, big and small. You were there anytime I needed you and you would just listen and offer some advice. Our families were so intertwined, it took for me to move away to a different state to spend a Christmas Eve without each other. And what I wouldn’t give for another one with you.

Of all the memories from my childhood and adulthood, the most recent and the one that is probably my most favorite memory was from your 70th birthday last October. Leanne and I drove in to surprise you and be there. The look on your face, the tears in your eyes and the feeling of you hugging me back and forth is still with me. I can still feel it and I NEVER want to ever stop feeling you hugging me so tight.

Like I said before, I can go on and on with memories to share. This didn’t even touch the surface. And as I sit here typing this with tears running down my face because my heart hurts so much, I hope you know how much I loved you because I will never doubt in my mind for once how much you loved me, how much you loved all of us. Thank you for being the best aunt, godmother, friend and second mom to me.

I love you always.
“Sheller” Michelle Battaglia